Spa Inspired Massage

Indian Mani Massage

In the Eastern Tradition 'Mani' represents 'Jewel'. This Routine is inspired by the Healing Traditions of Indian incorporating long manual strokes, work on the Marma points of the Body using a Healing Herb Oil Blend.

Price: €60 per 70 minutes


Thai Mani Massage

Thailand has for a long time been noted for its Massage & Healing Traditions. This Routine incorporates an Oil Blend of Ginger, Lemongrass & Mint with long Rejuvenating Strokes, special Thai Hand & Foot Massage. We finish with a Thai Spa Face Massage for Health & Rejuvenation.

Price: €60 per 70 minutes


Sun Thai Spa Massage

Incorporating a Thai Lemongrass Oil Blend this Routine includes the use of Hot Volcanic Stones and Thai Inspired strokes. We finish with a Invigorating & Balancing Face Massage.

Price: €55 per 60 minutes

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