Yoga & Movement Classes

Programmes can be arranged to suit your level!

Classes are available and can be booked by contacting Alan. New classes starts every 5 weeks or you can join us on our already started Classes.

Yoga & Meditation Classes

Alan has been practising Yoga Daily since 2010 and has a passion to keep himself updated on the different styles of Yoga.

He began his Yoga journey in 2014 completing his 200hr Training in Goa India.
He received his Diploma in India in:

  • Traditional Ashtanga Yoga
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Pranayama - Breathing Exercises
  • Chanting

He has also completed a Yoga Internship in India in 2015 where he got to Assist & Mentor on a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training.

Alan has been a Yoga Teacher since 2014 but his passion since being Qualified has been to understand different Movement System's from around the World and the Health Benefits that lay within each Tradition. He has been incorporating these practices into his Classes and is ready to share them in a New system called Apó

The 6 pillars that make up a Apó Class are Warm-up, Movement, Flow, Healing, Meditation, & Relaxing. Each Class is unique and takes inspiration from Nature & the Body. You get to practice a variety of flows that aim to bring about a greater balance to the mind body connection. Mudra & Healing Techniques are incorporated into each Class from a variety of Traditions. You finish Class relaxing in Savasana listening to a variety of Meditations based on Body Relaxing & Nature Walks.

The Theme for this week is a Beach Walk

Apo Movement Class

Knockbridge Community Centre

Tuesday nights from 7 to 8pm Beginners / Intermediate level

The Classes are in blocks of 5 with weekly speciality Routines

  • A Single Class is 10 euro
  • All Mats and Props provided

Apo Movement Class

Dundalk Yoga Collective

Wednesday nights Class 5:30 to 6:30pm                                                       

The Classes are in blocks of 6

  • A single Class is 10 euro
  • All Props & Mats provided

Online Apó Movement Class

Wednesday Evening Beginner's Class 7 - 7:35pm via Zoom

For more information or Booking Contact Alan on 0857326964

Private Yoga & Movement Classes

For the moment Alan has decided to focus on In-person Classes.

Practice at Home Sequence

You can find in the link below by typing into your Browser a free Yoga Sequence's to help you in your Home Practice.

Sequence for January & February

~Seated Yoga Flow~

Sequence for March & April

~Calming Evening Flow~

Sequence for May & June

~Front Plank Sequence~ 

Sequence for July & August

~Short Core Sequence~

Sequence for September & October

~Tree to Head to Knee Pose Sequence~

Online Resource 

Alan has created a free Online Video Resource Library.  Feel free to Contact Alan for more information

All above Yoga Classes include a Themed Class outlined below. Click for more info & dates.

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